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Stress Management Techniques for Coaches

Being a coach of any sport is a position that comes with lots of responsibilities, plus the pressure to have successful seasons and performances. For that reason coaches live under too much stress, that can result in health problems and early retirement from the team. What can they do when it comes to stress management […]

Adrián Paz

Download Adrián Paz CV (English | Español) Adrián Paz (born on September 9, 1968 in Montevideo, Uruguay) is a former footballer from Uruguay that played as midfielder and forward. He makes his debut in first division in the year 1985 in Uruguay at Club Atlético Bella Vista. In the 1986 – 1987 season he plays […]

Pablo Lima

Download Pablo Lima CV (English | Español) Pablo Lima made his debut in First Division in 2001 with Danubio Fútbol Club, the same year in which they became champions of the Torneo Apertura (Opening Tournament) in Uruguay. In 2002, he won the Torneo Clausura (Closing Tournament). In 2003, he played in the Copa Sudamericana and, […]