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6 Types of Soccer Passes

Soccer is a game that requires speed, as well as the best possible footwork. The players need to perform and complete perfect passes, which depends on many factors, like their position on the field, if the play is a defensive or an offensive move, if the team wants to retain the ball and slow down […]

Rules for Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers, also known as goalies, must follow the same basic rules as the other players, but because they are the only player with different positions and responsibilities, they have their own set of rules. All these are stipulated by the Federation Internationale de Football Association or FIFA. Equipment Following FIFA’s Law of the Game, goalies […]

The Best 20 Soccer Cleat

Soccer cleats should be of the best quality to perform the best on the field. However, for a player to choose one pair of cleats can be very hard thanks to the many options on the market. The top brands release new pairs every year, if not two per year, sometimes they also partner up […]

Muscles Used to Play Soccer

A soccer player needs to be fit in order to give his or her best performance on the field. While training and playing, many of the athlete’s muscles are involved, each one of them fulfills a simple function that combined turn a regular player into a great one if he or she exercises correctly. Arm […]

Importance of Sports Physiotherapy

Athletes have a demanding agenda; they have a busy training schedule that includes paying attention to potential health issues that could arise, as muscular problems, which are usually unexpected. Sports physiotherapy is the best option to treat them. Evolution Soccer will tell you how this discipline can help you! Why is sports physiotherapy important? Many […]

Food Guide: Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is the most important component in the protein called hemoglobin; it is contained by the red blood cells, which are in charge of carrying oxygen through the body. If you do not have enough iron in your system, the body can develop anemia, a condition which makes you feel exhausted and weak. The Center […]

Keys to Eating Healthy As a Family

A healthy lifestyle starts at home. If parents exercise and eat healthy food, kids will follow their example. For children practicing a sport, this is an important part of the training; a healthy diet can contribute with their performance and help them succeed on the field. However, sometimes trying to eat together as family can […]

Exercise Guide: How to Get Legs of Steel

Soccer requires that athletes use their whole bodies, but their lower extremities are the main tools for an excellent game. Because soccer players run about six miles per game, they need to have legs of steel so they can perform their amazing moves and score goals for their team. For that reason, children who practice […]

Differences Between Female and Male Athletes

Hormones and genetics determine the differences between men and women in the athletic field. While some people think that there are sports more suited to men or that some are exclusively designed for women, the real difference is in the performance, as both genders can generally succeed in the sport of their liking. There are […]