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Soccer: The Sport that Changes the Lives of Children

“Soccer, all over the world, boys and girls play and love that sport. It is played by boys and girls alike in the crowded urban streets and small villages. It is played in fields, in refugee camps and even in situations of war and armed conflict. Wherever there are boys and girls, it is very […]

The Ideal Diet to Improve Athletic Performance

Nourishing yourself to achieve your maximum athletic performance does not mean you should follow a special diet or take supplements. It can be done by introducing the right foods in the right amounts into your eating plan to stay healthy and fit. Athletes and especially teenaged ones have different nutritional needs than the rest of […]

The Importance of Sports to Learn and Consolidate Values

“Sport gives life” and can also become an authentic school of values for personal development. Whatever sport you practice, it will always leave a series of values and learnings in children’s lives; values that help the development of physical and psychological evolution. In this article, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the importance of sports to […]

Famous Quotes by Soccer Players to Inspire You Before a Game

There is not another sport in the world that inspires so many ambivalent feelings of joy or sadness, like soccer. Soccer moves passions in all countries and has become, over time, a mass phenomenon that has a social impact, which well channeled, can be a motor for development and social welfare. In soccer nothing is […]

Do You Know the Origins of Soccer as a Sport?

Soccer, for many, is more than a sport, more than a form of exercise: it is a lifestyle. Soccer is practiced with such passion that it has become a tradition, so much so that a great number of people even think that it is the center of their world. When there is a big championship, […]

5 Tips to Make Each Training Session a Breeze for Parents

Sports, specifically soccer training, is an ideal option for children to stay in shape, improve their motor and physical skills, and make friends. But is not all fun on the field; the pressure to succeed can be excessive and can cause a lot of frustration. In some cases, the pressure is self-imposed by the child. […]