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Organize Your Schedule: Make the Most out of Each Day

Nowadays, we feel that days pass excessively fast and that we can’t find enough time to do all our activities. For children, trying to balance school and sports practices can be hard. But with these tips, they will find time for each action: school, sports, family or friends.

Finding a balance can mean a success academically and with games because children won’t feel overstressed with both responsibilities. Besides, handle both can teach them how to manage difficult situations that will appear while growing up.

Follow these tips!

Be organized

Having a big calendar in your room or the kitchen can help you to be neat. Write down every weekly activity, use different colors for them like red for school, blue for practices, green for family, and yellow for friends. Use post-its for changes in the activity or a note that you want to add. The calendar is yours, so to be creative, the main point is to organize your week.

Separate your time

After setting the calendar, the next step will be to separate the time. School and practices hours have already been defined, so take the remaining hours to arrange your resting time, your study sessions, and your sleeping hours (never skip them!). That way you will know how much time you are dedicating to the activities.

Check your schedule

It exists for an excellent reason: it helps you know when a test is close, when a project due is, and how the week will be. For that reason every weekend check it out, that way awful surprises won’t appear during the week.

Use your weekends

Yeah, it’s Friday! But, for children that are balancing school and practices, weekends aren’t just for resting and having fun. Take advantage of them: try to make progress with homework, prepare for new lessons and read for upcoming projects, that way you will be ready and have more time for practices. There will be fun weekends with friends and family, but you’ll have to cram some time to get your game on with school too.

Travel time

There will be a lot of travel time to and from school, practices and even away games. This time can be a great way to study a little or check class notes. Also if you love to read, use audiobooks and make progress with your to-read list.

Don’t procrastinate

Leaving everything for last minute can be a disaster: you can miss some activities because you are way behind in your assignments! Try to do homework and projects the same day or week they’re assigned. It can be a relief, and you will perform better on the field.

Study halls and free periods

Many students think that these are great places to chat, listen to music or chill out. But for athletes can be a great help to be ahead in your academic schedule. Go to a quiet place and make progress with that day assignments, or arrange class notes to be ready for the next one. This time is not a waste if you’ll use it wisely.

Use a tutor

Many academies and sports programs can offer academic help for their athletes; however, for some reason the use of a tutor can be seen as a failure. That’s not the reality: tutors can help you a lot with school! It doesn’t mean that this person will do the homework for you, on the contrary: they will give you tips and advice on how to improve your grades.

Arranging your time is what you need to make the most out of each day, week and month. Start by organizing everything and be careful with your schedule. You will see how your life changes for the better, day by day.

Tips to stablish schedule
We must organize our schedule as efficiently as possible, as our performance depends largely on proper time management.

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