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Stress Management Techniques for Coaches

Being a coach of any sport is a position that comes with lots of responsibilities, plus the pressure to have successful seasons and performances. For that reason coaches live under too much stress, that can result in health problems and early retirement from the team. What can they do when it comes to stress management for coaches?

There are several techniques to cope up with stress, but a fundamental point is differentiating your job from your personal life. It is terrible when you take the problems and stressful situations of the field to your home, ending with more tension there. Many coaches are outstanding helping athletes in how to dealing with pressure, but are terrible with their own! Take these techniques into consideration.


When you are close to burnout, a break from everything is the best. In a very stressful day, you can take 15 minutes to walk around, stepping back from the practices. It will give you a much-needed respite, especially from problems and activities. It also helps you focus and come up with new ideas, renewing your energy levels. Take at least two daily breaks to reduce stress and get the job done.

After the season ends, take a long vacation where everything related to work will be forbidden. If you have a family, take them to a new and exciting place to enjoy yourselves and have a great time. You can also plan with your friends an adventure trip, to enjoy to the fullest with them. No thoughts of work, just the fun with friends. That way, you will return to the new season refresh and ready to win.

A Simple Schedule

Every professional knows the importance of a schedule, that will allow you to have a good organization and prevent overlapping tasks and activities. These increase your stress, and as the athletic field is a profession with tons of activities, keeping a program is essential. The best way to keep it is to have your planner, with lots of space to write down tasks, activities, games, practices and other personal appointments, besides notes and reminders.


Many people love to have control over everything they do, but in the athletic field that can be a huge mistake. Talented teams have the principal coach and assistant coaches to help with small tasks that the principal cannot resolve. For smaller groups one assistant is good. In schools, a student can have the position of manager; they can take care of practice schedules, phone calls, team’s appearance and promoting. Just give them your trust, and you will start to see results, plus your stress levels can reduce just delegating tasks.

Take Care of Yourself

Believe it or not, taking care of yourself can reduce your stress levels, you can do many things to feel well with your health and body. Exercising, eating healthy food; a day in the spa can do amazing things, relaxing your muscles and putting your mind to rest. By having these healthy habits, you also are showing your athletes how to have a healthy life even outside the field.

Breathing Techniques

Many make fun of these, but in reality, they are a tremendously helpful technique to alleviate stress and other body ailments. Taking a deep breath expands your lungs and relax muscles, acetic acid is released and contributes to relaxation. Besides, the brain gives the order to release hormones that can make you feel happy, reduce your heart rate, and lower stress.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Dedicating all your time to your job won’t give you the same satisfaction that to spend it with family and friends. They can help you forget the problems for a while. Another idea is sharing those situations and your worries with them in a positive way, they can give you an opinion outside the team with a new perspective. That viewpoint often works wonders when it comes to reducing your stress levels!

Keep Your Hobbies

Yes, being a coach is important and gives you plenty of professional satisfaction, but having hobbies outside the workplace is healthy, and for coaches this is not an exception. Maybe you like to practice other sport besides the one that you are coaching, so find time to practice it. Use your free weekends to catch up with your favorite TV show or the book that you’ve been reading for so long. Start the housing project that has been on hold for many months, or go on a short trip. Whatever works fine with you, have something outside your job.

See a Counselor

A lot of people think that a therapist or a counselor is a sign of failure, but when your stress levels are unbearable, and none of the above points works for reducing them, it is time to talk with a professional. They will have an outside point of view; they don’t know you but understand human behavior. Don’t be afraid, many athletes and big teams have their counselor to help them with the burden of their careers.

Positive Thoughts

As a coach, you are used to giving motivational talks to your athletes and players, so think positive and impart yourself the same speech every morning. Believing that the upcoming week is going to be awesome is an excellent way to start! Being positive can help to reduce or manage a better stressful situation.

The Team Is a Family

When you have stress, the entire team can start to feel worried and uncomfortable, and when you spend so much time with them it’s natural to see them as a family. An exceptional alternative to reduce stress levels around the team, are group activities outside the regular practices, to get to know each other better and have improvements in communication and team spirit.

These tips can give you an insight on how to treat your athletes outside the practices and help them with other problems. Remember that a coach can reach them in ways that teachers and parents cannot, so these activities are a great way to build a better relationship with every player.

Coaching is a very demanding job, but with strategies and techniques like the mentioned above, you can balance your career and your life in a better way. Just be confident in your abilities and capacities, and never be afraid to ask for help.

Stress management with Evolution Soccer as a coach
The attitude with which we face stress can define not only whether we overcome it, but also the chance we have of turning it into an opportunity to grow and learn.

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