A.S.D Soccer Dream Partnership

Soccer is a world-famous sport that brings people together, and for players, it creates bonds that go beyond the field. For that reason, the Evolution Soccer Academy partnership with Soccer Dream Parabita, part of the Italian League of Soccer, is the consolidation of a dream, the perfect communion between sportsmanship and friendship, the joining of forces to achieve the same goal: to teach soccer to promising youth.

Both organizations focus on one thing: teaching children that effort, discipline, and joy combined can turn them into elite players. This is not done by chance, as both initiatives are led by former professional players that recognize the value of proper training to succeed. Javier Chevantón is the head of the Italian team, Soccer Dream Parabita; and Uruguayan founder Pablo Lima, responsible for Evolution Soccer Academy.

This partnership is part of a series of associations that help cement future professional opportunities for the players of the Evolution Soccer Academy team. The alliance of academies from different parts of the world gives children and adolescents the chance to experience multiculturalism, different values, and techniques in the form of specialized training, which result in the knowledge necessary for them to succeed on the field playing the game, but most importantly, in life.

The cooperation of both organizations will help shape soccer training and change the outlook of sports education for young people on the whole. Soccer training with the right people can change children’s lives!

PlayPro Academy Partnership

As a soccer academy, we are always looking for the best for our athletes; that is why Evolution Soccer Academy has partnered with PlayPro Academy, a prestigious academy that, like us, seeks to train elite players and take them to success on the field of play.

The heads of PLAYPRO, Julio de Armas and Juan Iraola, join together to create this academy in Uruguay, where they give teenagers the opportunity to enjoy the sport they like and continue studying to obtain a university degree through a sports scholarship.

In addition to training children and turning them into great players, this academy has a large branch of contacts of US universities and coaches to achieve future contacts for the insertion of these guys in the model of university athlete.

The cooperation of both organizations will help children to be trained as elite players, disciplined with great techniques and skills ready to demonstrate on and off the field.

Boynton United Partnership

Evolution Soccer Academy is pleased to present a new commercial and sports alliance with Boynton United FC, with whom we will be sharing and giving the best of both companies, as people and as soccer players, through our values and the development of professional programs

The partnership between both organizations will significantly help children in their development as soccer players