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10 Golden Rules of a Good Soccer Training Session

When soccer training is carried out, important aspects are often overlooked. Whether due to lack of preparation, lack of experience or simple carelessness, sometimes they feel like impromptu instead of planned and structured training sessions.

In today’s article, Evolution Soccer Academy brings you the ten golden rules for successful training.

How to achieve a good training session

  1. Set the objectives of each training session before its completion.
  2. Define the methodology, the means, the spaces, and the available time to materialize the set objectives during training.
  3. Record all the reflexions made and exercises that were carried out correctly in the training session to compare them to previous ones and keep track of the team’s progress.
  4. Follow a didactic line according to the specific phase to be developed; suggest exercises that increase intensity and difficulty progressively (easy-difficult, light-hard).
  5. Adapt the training plan and methodology to the individual and collective (category) age (chronological and biological) of the team’s players.
  6. Observe the physiological, physical, and emotional response of each player to suggested training exercises. Pay attention to the condition of the players and perform physical tests periodically to assess physical-technical and mental components.
  7. Give the same importance to recovery times as to work times.
  8. Try to prevent injuries with the suggested exercises (difficult postures or  movements, stretching).
  9. Educate players about healthy lifestyles ​​and its components; food and rest, particularly to optimize recovery times and to put more load in training.
  10. Always combine the physical part with the technical-tactical part of training sessions coherently.

We hope that these tips have helped to plan better training sessions and get the most out of them.

At Evolution Soccer Academy, we have pro-coaches with the right experience who specialize in competitive soccer training for high-level competition of children and teenagers of both genders.

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