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A Functional Training Circuit to Try at Home

Did you miss a day of training at the gym, your academy or can you not leave the house?  In today’s article, we will share a training routine with you that can be done from home without the need for any extra material or tools. We simply perform the five exercises below, one after the other, until completing a total of four series. Between series, we can take a seconds-long break to rest if we need it. Keep reading!

Functional training routine


Start by doing twelve repetitions of this exercise. It must be done at full speed and skipping breaks. You must touch the ground with your chest and pat your head as you jump.

Mountain climbers

Twenty repetitions. It is a very simple exercise, but it must be done with maximum intensity. You will notice the work in the abdomen and the chest while flexing.


No extra weight or resistance, it just needs to be performed right. Fifteen repetitions. It is essential to lower your body enough so that the hip ends below the knees and following that by stretching your body completely. That way you will be doing a full squat.


With this exercise, you will add some strength to your upper body. You must do fifteen repetitions. As with the other exercises, it is crucial to skip breaks and to perform the full range of motion.

Abdominal plate

Now, to finish, we do this great exercise. You just have to hold the ironing position for thirty seconds, rest five and repeat.

As you can see, these are simple exercises to perform from the comfort of your home.

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