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Basic Rules to Solve Conflicts in a Soccer Team

When conflict knocks on our door, we must be prepared to resolve it in the best possible way. In team sports such as soccer, confrontation or disparity between teammates is inevitable, so conflicts often arise for different reasons.

Conflicts can go through several stages depending on the situation: it grows, develops, transforms, disappears, dissolves and other times it can remain stuck. Evolution Soccer Academy shows you nine rules for conflict resolution.

How to face conflicts with a soccer team

  1. Remain calm in tense situations. Try to empathize with the points of view of all parties involved since each discussion has at least three points of view: yours, the other’s and those of third parties. Remaining calm will give you an advantage over the rest to start mediating the conflict.
  2. Wait to calm down before you talk. Count to ten before you say anything. It is very important to choose the right moment before intervening.
  3. Respect and treat all people with kindness.
  4. Look for the positive and pleasant side, even in the most complicated and painful situations. Every experience teaches us something about our lives.
  5. Do not assign blame and gather enough information. Unless you have understood something well, ask again.
  6. Listen carefully to other people without interrupting and try to understand what they are saying.
  7. Do not do or say anything that could hurt another person. Do not judge or insult anyone.
  8. Discuss various possibilities for reaching a solution to the conflict with all sides involved. Seek a common goal and have both sides work together to find a satisfying solution.
  9. Do not leave the place or conversation without having found a solution. Evasiveness does not do any good, we have to concentrate; every problem has a solution.

Remember that as a soccer coach you must be prepared to solve small conflicts. If all the parties involved put the effort to face any situation everything will be better; teaching children who practice and like soccer to be better people is ultimately the main objective.

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To solve a problem in the best possible way, Evolution Soccer Academy proposes the following rules.

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