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Compete to Grow: Learning from Competition

The experiences and emotions that children feel when they play a soccer tournament are many. We know that within them there are fears, insecurities, nerves, but they also have courage, desire to excel and autonomy. And it is at that precise moment when they are alone in front of a soccer ball on the field when they grow up as people.

The competition, as long as it is healthy, can provide our children with lifelong learning.

What Competition Provide to Your Child

– Personal growth

The goal is not to seek world champions, but through sports and competition, we build personalities willing to overcome adversity, look for alternatives to win victory, fight and resist when you are at a disadvantage but above all, never give up.

– Accept defeat as part of the path

Sensations such as anger, impotence, and frustration will always invade an athlete’s mind, but with experience, one learns to win the game of the mind and to know how to overcome transforming error into learning.

– Motivation

The key to sporting success is the personal improvement, by attending to the process itself without comparisons. The small athletes are establishing their own short and medium-term goals, which are achieved with effort, involvement, and perseverance. When they reach one of them, they feel great satisfaction and self-realization.

– Emotional literacy

In this sport flourish a large number of feelings, thoughts, and emotions that go unnoticed in our daily lives, but that irremediably influence the experiences and decisions that we are taking. Using this experience to teach young athletes to be aware of them, label them, control them and handle them will make them emotionally healthy and balanced.

– Fellowship

Respect for the adversary is a principle that we must always remember, so it is equally important to learn to win and lose. During the competition we are rivals, but afterward, we are people.

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