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Duration of a Soccer Game

The duration of a soccer game must be ninety minutes, but some factors such as the weather, may lead to the referees deciding to reduce the duration of each time, for example to forty minutes. In this case, we would have an eighty-minute game.

It is important to note that the decision must be made before the start of the match and the duration can only be shortened if the competition regulations permit it.

Soccer game

Other elements can affect the duration of a soccer game, although we are already a little familiar with them, as we have seen them happen. These conditions can increase the duration of the soccer game. Let’s review them:

The referee may increase the duration of a soccer game to recover lost time due to:

Player changes.

Evaluation of injured players.


Stoppage of the game for hydration or medical reasons authorized by the

competition regulations.

⚽ Any other reason that represents a significant delay in the resumption (celebration of goals, protests, among others).

The duration of a soccer game may decrease the playing time or cancel the match if:

The weather does not allow the game (heavy rain).

Public incidents.

Insubordination or a collective fault.

Overwhelming force.

The referee will weigh such circumstances according to their good judgment, always trying to exhaust all means for the meeting to be held or continue.


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Some elements that make the duration of a soccer game increase or decrease.

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