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Fundamentals to Be a Top-Tier Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper is not only responsible for preventing the other team from scoring a goal but also has to organize the defense and often act as the leader of their team. The goalkeeper who achieves greatness is a sum of many qualities and physical skills, all interrelated, that have been worked on and improved through strategies and with the help of a good coach.

To be a good goalkeeper you have to dedicate an important amount of energy to work on concentration and improve physical skills. In this article, we give you some tips that can help improve your child’s performance as a goalkeeper.

Tips to be the best goalkeeper

  • Improve your physical condition

A goalie needs a strong body. Try to master the vertical jump so that when you go for the ball, there is no space in the goal you can not reach.

  • Improve your technique

When an attacker approaches the goal, advance to give him less chance of shooting and reduce his shooting angle, so you will also occupy a greater percentage of his field of vision.

  • Communicate with your team

The goalkeeper is the person who has the best view of the field, so he or she has to take advantage of it to indicate to his teammates which player of the opposing team to attack and encourage them to move.

  • Stop the ball

As difficult as it seems, always have the willingness and courage to throw yourself for each ball to defend the goal.

  • Personality

The goalkeeper has to have a flexible personality to be able to adapt to the game and anticipate it. He or she also has to have and inspire equanimity to the rest of his or her teammates. It is necessary that he or she is confident and knows how to reflect it.

The best goalkeeper in the best academy

Evolution Soccer Academy has the best training program for children, to turn them into the best soccer players they can be. We Implement techniques and strategies for a good development on the field.

We encourage the:

– General coordination

– Agility

– Balance

– Resistance

– Mobility

– Strategies

– Force

– Speed

– Reflexes

An Academy qualified to teach your children great ways to improve their agility while learning valuable skills for a potential career in soccer.

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