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Get Ready for the Sports Season

If you have ever practiced a competitive sport, you will know that starting a new sports season means hard work. It is normal to be nervous at the beginning, especially if it is your first sports season, which is why Evolution Soccer Academy brings you some tips to help you be prepared for the first day, keep reading!


Get ready for sports season


Design an exercise program, in case you do not have one. Schedule training sessions during the week.


– Ask for help or advice to your coach when you make the program.

– Keep track of your exercises. Write down how long you have been training and what activities you have practiced, so you can keep track of them all and combine them well (run one day, do strength training the next day, etc.)


Check your equipment.


– If you are not sure what you need to practice a particular sport, ask your coach.

– New equipment is usually expensive; therefore, think about the possibility of using second-hand equipment, in case you cannot buy a new one. Your brothers or sisters, friends, and other relatives could help you with this. Anyway, make sure that the equipment is clean and, above all, that it is safe.

– If you return to sports after a break, test the whole equipment before you start training to make sure that it is still your size and that it works well.


Sports camps.


These types of camps can greatly help you refresh your skills, whether you are an experienced or an amateur athlete.


Most of them include practice sessions and games that help get in shape. The non-competitive games can also help you feel that you are part of a team, in the case that is an experience that you are not used to.


If you do not go to the camps, organizing a weekly game session with a familiar group of people is another good alternative.


Visit the doctor.


To be part of a sports team, you will most likely have to take a sports medical examination. Since all athletes need to undergo this type of exam at the beginning of the sports season, ask your parents to request the appointment as soon as possible for your doctor to have enough time to clear you.


Set goals.


Before the sports season begins, consider the possibility of setting a few objectives. Being part of the team or getting fit are also two great goals. Be sure to write down your goals and share them with your coach and your parents so they can support you. If you achieve a goal, set new, future ones. Having goals can be enormously motivating!


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It is normal to get nervous at first, especially if it is your first sports season, but do not worry, have fun!

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