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Cannot Miss It: How to Use Goals and Losing Games as Analogies for Your Children’s Everyday Lives

Did you know that most life lessons can be passed on through something as simple as analogies? Over the course of human existence, we have experienced things and connected them to other situations to create empathy and comprehension. Analogies can be turning points for development when it comes to children’s growth, which is why today we will explain how to turn goals and losing games into interesting analogies for their everyday lives.

How to teach with analogies

The best way to put it is as simple as possible: “How does this relate to that?” For children, the best way to see what you mean is to establish direct connections between one thing and another. What makes them an ideal method to teach a lesson, is that they can cover a wide variety of subjects because they are flexible and lighthearted but make big impacts on children’s minds and memories.


How to teach with analogies in three steps:

  • One – The connection: establish a basis for the correlation. Whether it is a stable link between two topics or simply a reference that relates closely to the lesson you want to teach that is fresh on your child’s mind.
  • Two – The Development: create a story around the topic, make sure to intertwine elements cohesively, from the start, to middle, to finish. Do this with clear and objective words.  
  • Three – The takeaway: once established the clear and final connection, ask questions to test their understanding of the lesson. Press for potential theories your child might have, and if not right, correct them and give a simplified answer. After that, ask them again for their take on the lesson.


Scoring goals

Now, this is something fairly straightforward, right? Well, as you know, things are rarely that simple. Using goals to teach them a variety of lessons is a sure way to help them cope with things outside the field, as well as assisting them to create positive relationships with their playmates.

Lessons to teach:

  • Teamwork
  • Action-Reaction
  • Following a plan
  • Strategy
  • Quick thinking
  • Humility (not to gloat in victory)
  • Respect (for the other team/players, etc.)
  • Effort value


Losing games

This is delicate territory. For most parents and children, losing games equals something bad; this notion can be corrected with the right analogies and teaching children that there is much more in life than just winning. It is an excellent opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the value of effort.

Lessons to teach:

  • Respect (not lashing out at the other team)
  • Responsibility (what role did they play in the results)
  • Future planning
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Analyzing their actions
  • Team support in disappointment
  • Value of good sportsmanship
  • Importance of self-improvement
  • Coordination to avoid repeating mistakes

It is up to you to decide how you are going to enrich the life experience of your child through sports! Here at Evolution Soccer Academy, we believe in teaching them essential skills, so they develop a healthy and proactive behavior.

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These are great for helping children understand several things about the world around them.

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