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Growing on the Field: How a Child Evolves While Playing Soccer

Evolution Soccer Academy has experienced soccer coaches specialized in working with boys and girls. We have a unique way of carrying out our educational process, built on a series of techniques and fundamentals. Today we will give you some practical tips so that your child does not miss this great fun, grows healthy, and gets prepared for adolescence and adulthood.

Children and their growth through soccer

Sports are an important component of a person’s life, but for young people and children, there is one sport in particular that is gaining more momentum than any other: soccer. The only thing a child needs to practice soccer is the desire, enough motivation to want to grow as a person, a ball, and a safe place to play.

Soccer brings significant benefits to children, for example:

– Increases the muscle power of the legs.

.- Improves cardiovascular capacity.

– Stimulates the speed of reaction and motor coordination.

– Oxygenates the blood.

– Teaches socialization skills and teamwork.

Soccer is a major sport for the integral development of children, it is a great method of socialization, and with the involvement of highly trained people, it is also a big source of values. It starts with the coach, who should work to keep the attention of children, so they enjoy the sport, which will make it much more likely that they remain focused and interested as they grow.

For Evolution Soccer Academy, the fundamental thing is integrity, which consists of forming good people. When children enter our training program, they learn to work in a team, start to build an identity, and learn how to occupy their free time.

The presence of parents in their children’s soccer practice is another important factor. Soccer training of that of any other sport makes children and young people aware that they can have new ambitions in life, as well as healthy bodies and minds.

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