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Helping Your Child Have a Positive Take on Competitive Sports

Sports forges character, but its competitive side can affect the attitude and development of your child and sometimes become problematic. How can you help them face sports competition?

Remember that first of all, you are parents and therefore, your child’s first role models. You, the coach, and the coaching staff are needed to guide him/her. Many people will enter and leave your child’s life, but your role as an exemplary figure will stay the same.

How to help your child in sports

✓ Cheer him/her on in good times and bad.

✓ Show respect for the rival teams, the referees, and the coach.

✓ Applaud your team’s good plays, but also, the rival’s.

✓ Collaborate with the club’s activities, show interest in the sport.

Write down together the objectives of a competition in which your child will participate; it is a great way to show your support and interest in him/her.

It is important that these objectives are focused on what depends on them:

✓ Have fun.

✓ Be cordial with the rival team.

✓ Be a good teammate.

And not on the outcome:

✗Just thinking about winning.

✗ Be better than everyone else.

Thus we will stop prioritizing the victory and focus on the values ​​that sports help develop.

Learning to have emotional stability will help your child when it comes to training and competing. Reinforce healthy attitude in training and competition: effort, sacrifice, commitment, companionship, and perseverance are the basic pillars of their sports education.

How have you been doing? Have you enjoyed yourself? These should be the first questions your child will hear when they finish their competitions. In the end, fun must take precedence over everything else.

Listen to your son or daughter. They are small athletes in full training, malleable by experience, absorbing information like a sponge, and full of energy and vitality.


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Remember that as parents you are role models for your children.

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