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How to Avoid Injuries on the Soccer Field

If you have made this sport a central part of your life, as a hobby or as your profession, you know that soccer, as well as other intense physical activities, involves certain risks, including injuries; this means that it is necessary to be well prepared and to take proper care of your body, giving the utmost importance to things like diet and rest.

In today’s article, we give you some recommendations to avoid injuries while playing soccer.

Soccer injuries

Some of the causes of injuries during any physical activity are:

✗ Not warming up.
✗ Not ending an exercise routine properly.
✗ Undertaking excessive physical efforts.
✗ Not getting enough rest.
✗ Ignoring signs sent by the body, such as pain and tiredness.
✗ Failing to use proper techniques while training.
✗ Eating poorly.
✗ Exercising too soon after a previous injury.

Although the practice of this sport seems like a simple matter, the truth is that doing it without the minimum equipment increases the risk of injury considerably.

Boots with cleats are essential for the player to move safely across the field. The footwear must be tied correctly to allow adherence and adequate foot mobility.
Shin guards are important to protect the tibia.
Ankle protectors are an option.
Adequate warm-ups.

Warming up before practice is vital.

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