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How to Choose Soccer Boots for Different Types of Fields

Every sport needs the right footwear, but soccer has the particularity to be played on different surfaces. For that reason, players should have the right shoe, boot or cleat for the field where they are playing. A bad choice can damage their performance on the ground, and even produce a minor injury on the foot or ankle.

With the increase in the market you will find a lot of options, and it can be challenging to pick the correct one. For that, on today’s article will be around the perfect equipment for the different fields.


Soft muddy field

A match won’t be interrupted by rain, so for players, it will be normal to play under wet conditions, especially the field. For muddy fields SG boots are a perfect choice. The name goes after “Soft Ground,” the design feature 6 studs: 2 in the back and 4 in the front, made of aluminum. Those are longer than the ones in regular boots, that allows players to dig into the mud and be upright on their feet. These are only great for muddy conditions, so if you are living in sunny and hot places, these aren’t the right boots for you.

Firm natural grass

Is the better field to play soccer, the one that you can observe in the greatest stadiums, and that allows players to move the ball without any effort. The boots for this fields are the FG collection, they are usually the option that everyone buys when starting practice the sport, and they even don’t know what kind of boots are buying, because these are the regular ones. The design consists of conical studs, blades or a mix of both, and can be used in any field.

Dry field

For players that live and play in hot and sunny places, the right choice is the HG collection. They display 12 conical studs that leave you closer to the ground, thanks to distributing the pressure among them, that give better traction in the hard field.

Artificial turf

Because this is the most famous sport in the world, many stadiums and federations are changing the field grass for artificial turf thanks to the lower maintenance and the durability of it. Shoes’ companies are releasing new collection explicitly designed for this playing field, the AG collection. But the FG works incredibly well on this because the technology of the turf is making them precisely like natural grass.

Indoor court

Many children start playing on indoor courts, and the best equipment for these are the collections that state “IN” at the end of the title. Every company has its design so it would be the ones that fit you better.

Street soccer

A good pair of sneakers can be useful to play whenever you want, with your friends in the alley or street close to your house. However, companies are starting to develop a collection directed explicitly for this kind of soccer. Nike is the first one that released a selection called Street Gato, the sole allows you to play basically in every surface with good traction.

There are many brands, and there are diverse collections that will work great with your game, find the right ones for you and your surrounds. The love for soccer goes beyond the playing field.

Types of boots for every field
Knowing which type of soccer boots to choose is essential for many reasons; one among them is to avoid the risk of injury.

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