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How to Clean Your Soccer Boots

Soccer boots look completely impeccable when they are brought home from the store, but it does not take much time to cover them with dirt, mud, and grass. Cleaning soccer boots seems an intimidating task; however, with a mild cleaning solution and a little effort, dirt and scratches can disappear in no time. But how to do it correctly to extend their usable life?

Today, we bring you some tips to clean your boots.

Sport equipment cleanup

  1. Remove the excess dirt. After playing, take your soccer boots off. Tap them against each other, with the soles pointing forward to remove excess dirt, grass or mud, as much as possible.

  1. Clean excess dirt from the soles. Use a soft bristle brush or a specific cleaning tool to clean the bottom of soccer boots; this will loosen any accumulation of dry grass and mud in the sole and between the studs.

  1. When cleaning the sides of the sole that are near the top of the soccer boot, consider changing the brushes and using an old one you might have in your bathroom. A toothbrush has semi-abrasive bristles that will loosen the dirt, but it will be more manageable and easier to focus on the area you are scrubbing.

  1. Be careful not to use a stick to remove grass and dirt from the soles of soccer boots. A stick or any sharp object could scratch the soles and damage the boots.

  1. Mix the cleaning solution. It should consist of warm water and a small amount of a cleaning solution, such as dish soap or hand soap, which work perfectly. Fill a bowl with about two cups of water and add a tablespoon of detergent. Mix the water and soap with the toothbrush until the mixture starts to turn soapy. You do not want to add a lot of soap to the cleaning solution, especially if you plan to clean leather soccer boots; a small amount will suffice.

  1. Clean the soles with the soapy solution. Now that you have mixed the soap solution dip the soft bristle brush you used earlier to clean and rub the soles of the boots. When the brush is filled with dirt and grass, open the sink and place it under the clean water. Then, immerse it in the soapy solution again and continue rubbing.

  1. Wipe the soles with a paper towel. Dip the paper towel in the soapy solution on the soles of the soccer boots to remove any piece of dirt and grass. The paper towel will gather the remaining waste and allow you to use your fingers to reach the areas between the cleats.

  1. Dry the soccer boots. Use a paper towel or a dry cloth to dry the boots and remove any remaining dirty and soapy water that may remain. Dry all the parts: tongue, sides, and soles. Consider filling the inside of the boots with an old newspaper to absorb any water that may have entered them.


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