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How to Help Children Be More Fit

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about childhood fitness, which is why parents, doctors, teachers, and others, want to know how they can help children to be more fit.

Being fit means eating well, doing a lot of physical activity, and having a healthy weight. If the child is in good shape, his/her body will work well; he/she will feel good and be able to do everything he/she wants, like run around with his friends, play, and enjoy himself.

If you are interested in knowing how to help your child stay fit, Evolution Soccer Academy brings you some excellent tips to keep your child healthy. Keep reading!

How to help your child to be fit

Food variety

Maybe your child has a favorite food, but the best option is to follow a varied diet. If they eat different foods, they are more likely to consume all the nutrients that their body needs.

? Make your child try new foods.

? Foods like leafy greens are good for your health.

? Alternate fruits and vegetables as snacks in between meals.

Water and milk

Children need calcium to strengthen their bones, and milk is an excellent source of this mineral. But how much milk do children need?

– Four to eight years old: 2½ cups of milk per day.

– Nine years or older: 3 cups a day of milk.

Avoid sweet drinks, such as soft drinks, soda and cocktails or combinations of artificial fruit juices. They contain a lot of added sugar, which only adds calories and does not provide important nutrients.

Listen to their body

Sometimes people overeat because they do not realize when they need to stop. Overeating can make the child feel sick and can lead him/her to become overweight.

Stay active

One thing you can do as a parent to help your child is to find out what activities he prefers. Not everyone likes baseball or soccer. Maybe he is passionate about karate, kickball or dancing. Help them practice their favorite activities regularly. Find ways to keep him/her active every day.

At Evolution Soccer Academy, we believe in creating healthy habits, both on and off the field. We enforce balanced diets and a nutritional plan that helps children have peak performance while eating balanced and filling meals. Contact us to know more about our all-inclusive program for elite training.

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A healthy diet and exercise, the foundations for staying fit.

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