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How to Improve Your Game in Soccer

If you do not prepare well before the game, it does not matter whether you have the best skills to handle the ball. For a skilled and well-conditioned player, success will come from the right strategy and approach. If you want to improve your game substantially, you must establish a training program that works on technical skills, soccer strategy, general fitness, and mental focus.

Evolution Soccer Academy brings you tips to improve your game soccer, keep reading!

Soccer tips

Practice technical skills.

– Practice balance to improve your control over the ball; you do not need much space. You may not specifically juggle the ball during games, but if you have the ability to do so, you will gain more control over the ball and better skills to handle it overall.

Place cones or pennants to perform dribbling exercises.

The cones or pennants for the exercises can be obtained in any sports store.

– You can do these exercises in a small area in ​​your garden, even if you do not have much space. You must arrange the cones or pennants to form a row and dribble through and around them as you move forward.

Kick the ball against a wall so you can improve your first touch.

You must locate a solid wall of brick or cement so that you do not damage it by kicking the ball repeatedly. To start, stand about 60 cm (2 feet) from the wall and kick the ball as hard as possible against it. Then, position yourself to receive the ball, control it and immediately kick it back against the wall.

As you improve, you should gradually move away from the wall and try to kick the ball with the same force you used before but from a greater distance.

Establish a regular schedule for training.

Although you train with your team on a regular basis, you also need to train on your own to really improve your game. Therefore, you should spend between twenty and thirty minutes a day practicing your soccer skills.

You must spend at least five minutes, to both, warm-up and cool-down at the beginning and at the end of the training session; this will help you avoid injuries.

Maybe you should program different exercises to consistently focus on various skills. Consider how you can adapt the exercises you learn training with your team to perform them on your own.

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