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How to Improve Your Stamina for Soccer

It is well known that for any sport practice, we must be in good physical condition, both to do well and not to suffer any sudden injury. One of the most trained and basic physical skills is stamina or resistance; it is the ability to maintain a position or keep making a movement for as long as possible. Why is it important in soccer? Well, this sport will make you run a lot up and down. Let’s see some examples of how to build it.

Building resistance

Resistance is a skill that will determine if a soccer player can finish the match with the same strength with which he/she started it. Physical power is a determining factor in the last few meters of the field during a soccer match. Studies have revealed the value physical endurance has. We have to work harder to achieve it by doing more focused, intense efforts running shorter distances instead of great ones during training sessions.

If we want to develop this capacity from an early age; when children begin to compete, we must make the training more specific, so that they can learn certain notions and acquire a basis in physical condition.

Today, a very common training class is the resistance circuit, where the intensity of each section has the goal of achieving a good physical condition.

Resistance circuits

Circuit training is a system in which exercises are combined with breaks. The exercises are organized in a circuit with five to ten stations, each designed to work a specific muscle group. Exercises can be done for a time lapse or by repetitions.

If the time modality is chosen, it is advisable to work out one to two minutes and if it is the repetition method instead, to make between ten and twenty of them. The objective is to combine the strength exercises with the resistance ones by prolonging them in time for a comprehensive training session. Once we finish the circuit, we rest for five to ten minutes, hydrate, and stretch until it is time to start again.

Let’s set an example to work the whole body:

  • Station 1: curl of biceps with bar.
  • Station 2: strolling with dumbbells to work the lower train.
  • Station 3: abdominals.
  • Station 4: push-ups.
  • Station 5: half squats.
  • Station 6: triceps kicks with dumbbells.
  • Station 7: step machine.

This can be a good alternative on how to set up your circuit training, but there are multiple options according to your preferences; you can do more stations or less.


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