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How to Take Care of Your Feet If You Are an Athlete

To play soccer, you have to pay close attention to your whole body, but especially to your feet to avoid injuries and prevent pathologies. There are many amateur soccer players who practice every weekend, often without taking into account essential  health aspects of it. In this article, we offer some tips to take proper care of you feet.

Feet care

For any athlete, feet care is important, and in the case of soccer players, it is even more so given the movements they have to make on the field: accelerations, braking, direction changes. Also, soccer players handle and shoot the ball for which they need precision, great coordination, and excellent foot health.

The choice of good soccer boots requires time and a little bit of research. At present, there is an extensive boots offer in the market, all made from different materials and for use on different surfaces. We must find the one that best suits our feet and needs, regardless of fashion or trends.

The care and dedication to the health of our feet also requires good hygiene, and skin and nail care.


  • Watch your foot landing, be aware of your technique, and do exercises to improve it.

  • Choose a suitable shoe.

  • Do not use new shoes to test new exercises or a long training session.

  • Use Vaseline or an anti-friction cream.

  • Take care of your nails.

  • Use technical socks.

  • Adjust your laces well.

  • Check your feet after running.

  • Keep your shoes dry.

  • Hydrate your feet every night.

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Ensuring you have a good routine to take care of your feet is fundamental.

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