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How to Use Self-Motivation to Compete Better on the Field

Motivation is essential in all areas of life, especially for a sport that is practiced as a team but even more so is self-motivation. Not only do players have to train for the physical aspect of said sport, but they also need to work on their mental states, as this can mean the difference between success and failure.

By focusing, each member of the team develops a disposition to improve, make changes, and set goals to be achieved. Although a coach can work on the players’ motivation, the difficult part to control is self-motivation since it depends on the players’ themselves. There are, however, different techniques and ways to practice it.

Motivation for better competition

To be able to compete at the highest level, you can follow these tips:

Mark objectives. Plan a series of goals that you have to meet every day, week or year; this will allow you not to lose motivation. Meeting the challenge you posed and knowing all your effort pays off, will make your motivation even stronger.

Value your process and hard work. We must not only focus on the results and whether success is achieved or not. How the process is carried out, the work put on the training sessions, and the attitude on the field is also important and valuable. You must recognize this and always seek to improve!

Be positive. If you think something is not going to go well, it is logical when it goes wrong. You can prevent this from happening by training and learning to control your mind.

Analyze your mistakes. Errors help us improve and move forward every day. Failures must be accepted as part of a season in progress.

Environment. Having a coach who knows how to lead and trust you, as well as colleagues who advise, help and care for you during this process, are important factors you have in your favor to overcome difficult moments.

But more importantly: have fun. It is no use practicing a sport if you are not having fun. Remember that if you have a good time in your workouts and games, your performance will be better.


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To maintain self-motivation and be able to compete at the highest level, you can follow a series of tips.

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