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Intensity: The Key to a Good Soccer Team

The intensity in soccer has always been associated with skills that you apply to perform a given action at the level or degree of strength it needs. And while this sounds like a complicated affair, your coach knows what we are talking about.

When people use the term “intensity” concerning soccer, it has to do with the strength with which players use their natural and trained skills to play on the field.

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The intensity of soccer can be defined as the performance of specific actions at any given moment during training or matches, where precision, adequate strength, concentration on the final target, and the right attitude play a fundamental role.  One example could be: if a team does not have an intense enough response on their corner defense tactics, that results in a goal for the other team, so they say: “we lacked intensity on the corner.”

Sometimes the players are very focused and alert, on top of their game at all times, striving to achieve victory. But, a small change can throw off their balance and organization, making them miss unexpected tactics from the adversary. The opponent’s job is to anticipate the defender’s movements and play accordingly to bypass it and score a goal.

How to work intensity in soccer

Many coaches focus their work on developing intensity during training so that this aspect reaches the competition efficiently and adequately.

Keys to work the intensity in soccer:

⚽ Work on concentration to generate actions such as anticipation, speed, strength.

⚽ Do quick exercises with stimuli and short distances to train the reflexes.

⚽ Do small group exercises to promote greater participation of all players as a team.

⚽ Establish goals for the exercises, with very clear and simple tasks to play together, keeping in mind that each victory and loss is celebrated and studied accordingly.

⚽ Practice your agility with the ball, making fast passes across the field, and changing each pass’ direction to make them adapt to the unexpected.

⚽ Place a large number of balls around before the exercises. The players will not have time to rest when they kick a ball away and wait for someone to pass it again. This way we can keep them at the maximum of their concentration and work on higher resistance.

There are many ways to work intensity in soccer depending on the tasks to be performed; they can increase the level of competition skills and boost the team’s confidence. With lots of stamina and intensity, they can reach the ultimate goal: become elite players.


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Many coaches focus their work on developing intensity during training so that this aspect is transferred to the competition correctly.

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