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Left or Right Field: What Is There to Know about the Two Soccer Flanks?

The flanks in soccer are essential to exploit the abilities of each player; they help you explore your capabilities. Team managers and coaches put a lot of different plays and strategies into practice  and tend to seek for players to specialize in each position.

No matter which side of the field you play, the important thing is that you do the best job in the one you occupy. Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the positions in a soccer field and how important each of them is.

Position of the two soccer flanks


Fundamental part of the defense. The main job here is to stop goals from the opponents and organize the defense. Also, to build plays from the back.


Lines up either side of the defense; marks the opponents’ wingers,  provides support for the wide midfielder ahead of them and may overlap and send crosses into the opposing team’s goal.

Wing back

Overlaps and sends crosses into the opponent’s goal, marks opponents’ wingers when needed and is expected to stay on their touchline. This player needs to have a good enough condition to run across the entire field.

Centre-back (stopper)

Shuts down the opponent’s attackers, employs zonal or man-marking strategies, and brings the ball out from the back.

Centre-back (sweeper)

This player serves as a safety net for the defenders alongside them, races to cover gaps when defense is breached, and analyzes the game from deep.

Centre-back (quarter-back)

The same defensive central position as the stopper, the player needs to keep the ball away from the opposing team.

Defensive midfielder (ball winner)

Responsible for being on the line drawn to the end of the field to give a pass to the forwards and players who are inside the area or looking to reach the goal.

Defensive midfielder (deep-lying playmaker)

Creates the plays from the bottom, distributes the teammates on the field, near and far. Also makes break attacks.

Wide midfielder

Gives full-backs defensive protection, crosses over from deeper positions than wingers if needed.


Is in charge of assisting the striker in scoring goals. Plays between midfield and attack.


He/she is in charge of always being close to the goal and scoring to win over the opponents.

All the positions are important, otherwise there would be no team. Keep your focus on playing a good match and having fun.

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The flanks in soccer are essential to explore and exploit the abilities of each player.

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