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Make Your Own Training Schedule

If you want to take home training seriously or to start at the gym on the right foot, to make your own training diary is a great idea. Whether for your Crossfit classes, your soccer training or the preparation for a triathlon, in a training journal, you can register your workouts and make optimal follow-up choices to each of them.

How to organize your own training schedules

✔ Choose a the time to execute your training plan, plan your weekly sessions. In order to find the most appropriate times for each week, use your calendar, it will not take more than fifteen minutes to organize your schedule. To remember the times you have designated, take the calendar with you.

A good option could be the Google calendar on your cell phone or the old paper calendar.

✔ Write down all your obligations for the week. Take into account any activity that will require your time. Do you have an appointment with the dentist? With the hair stylist? A project to finish? Write it all down!

✔ Focus on the available time slots between your activities and your appointments; this is where you will fit your daily exercise routines. Identify the different free time periods and adapt your routines to them.

✔ To achieve most of your sporting goals, you should do a cardiovascular exercise that lasts between twenty and thirty minutes, three times a week, adapted to your physical condition.

Make sure you choose something that you are willing to do. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to feel the motivation to carry it out.

  • Does strolling around your neighborhood or going for a run seem attractive to you?
  • How about those stairs at the office?
  • Do you prefer a class at a private gym or a public class?
  • Following an exercise video in your living room?
  • Do you not know what you would like? Try several options, and you will discover what pleases you the most.

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