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Modernizing Sports: Ways In Which Technology Changed Soccer

Soccer is passion, goals, shouting, partying, but it is also technology because after each game a whole group of technicians uses technological gadgets to make for the best game experience. At Evolution Soccer Academy, we show you how technology has changed to soccer. Keep reading!

Soccer and technology

Goal line technology

Last year, FIFA approved the use of cameras on the goal line to determine when a ball entered the goal; this technology is a tremendous breakthrough since this has been the subject of many discussions and controversies in the past because only the referee’s call could be trusted.

VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

The operation of the VAR is very simple. The video assistant referee(s) and the assistant video assistant referee (AVAR) review a play on a bank of monitors in the video operation room (VOR) with the assistance of the replay operator, if the referee requests it or if the VAR conducting a “check”  considers a review should be recommended to the referee. If the VAR believes there has been a potential clear error, the referee will be contacted with that judgment.

Official regulation of the VAR system establishes four situations in which the referee can video review a play:

1- Goals: Help the referee to determine if there has been an infraction that prevents conceding the goal, such as fouls or offenses.

2- Penalty: The VAR ensures that the right call is made regarding the signaling (or not) of a penalty.

3- Red cards: Video assistants prevent wrong decisions being made in relation to infractions leading to the expulsion of a player.

4- Identity confusion: If a referee does not warn or expel an infringing player, or if it is not clear which player has committed an infraction, video assistants can inform the referee which player has breached the regulations so he can sanction him.

Social networks

Fans can share how they experience a game on social networks, while players communicate with fans the same way, completely changing how it was traditionally done. These  mediums have influenced even the coaches.

The ball

The balls from sixty years ago were made of leather, with very poor aerodynamics; they were a nightmare to play with on the wet ground and a sure headache to headbutt. Currently, the balls are technologically advanced, made of leather and plastic, waterproof, and very aerodynamic.


Television is one of the things that has influenced this sport the most  Since the first World Cup was televised in 1954, many advances have been made; it is currently the sporting event with the greatest coverage worldwide.

Equipment and security

In the past, in soccer games, it was only allowed for players to wear a pullover, socks, boots, and shorts, but now they have more protection because it is mandatory to play with light plastic shin guards. The goalkeepers also have larger gloves with a wider grip area. The boots have also been improved, the old ones were heavy, made of leather, and only came in black; currently the boots are designed to protect the players’ feet, are made of lightweight plastic, come in many colors, and allow the players to run much faster.


What does the future hold?  Everyday technology surprises us more and more.

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