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Safety Tips: Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and it is also easy to learn since you are little. It is also a good way to do physical exercise, plus, it is an exciting and very fun game.

Soccer is a contact sport though, which makes injuries happen. Clashes with other players can cause bruising and even head trauma (hard blows to the face or head). Running during soccer practice and games causes muscles to strain so sprains can occur, as well as overload injuries.

To know how to keep yourself as safe as possible while playing soccer, Evolution Soccer Academy gives you the following safety tips.

Soccer tips

Many people play soccer today, and it is normal that at some point or another they have gotten hurt. Fortunately, most injuries are mild, but serious injuries can also occur, such as bone fractures and concussions due to trauma.

Recommendations on sports equipment

Soccer does not require bulky equipment for each player, apart from the shin guards and soccer boots. But it is a good idea to pay attention to these important parts of the uniform before playing:

Soccer boots

⚽ Choose a pair of special boots for the field and soccer game.

⚽ Make sure the boots are your size; tie them tightly every time you play.

Shin pads.

⚽ A good shin strap covers the shin well and ends just below the knee, fitting snugly around the ankle bone.

⚽ When you buy the shin guards, try them on with the socks and soccer boots to make sure they are your size, and they feel right to you.

Soccer socks

⚽ They are designed to hold the shin guards securely in place, and you must wear them whenever you train or play soccer.

Other equipment.

⚽ It is preferable that the goalkeepers wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants or shorts with protective padding and special goalkeeper gloves to protect their hands when they kick.

Before entering the field of play

Being fit when starting the soccer season will not only help you become a better player, it will also allow you to prevent potential injuries. Start by exercising and eating well a few months before the start of the soccer season.

⚽ Whenever you train or play soccer, inspect the field to make sure there are no holes or other obstacles, including waste, such as broken glass.

⚽ Dedicate some time to warm-ups and stretching before playing.

⚽ Inspect the soccer goals on both sides of the field to verify that they are safe. The goals must be firmly anchored to the field, and their posts must be padded to reduce the risk of injury when the goalkeeper or other players hit them.

During the match

Know and obey the rules of soccer. Playing recklessly is one of the main causes of injuries.

⚽ Keep your head high and keep an eye on your teammates and your opponents.

⚽ Learn and use the proper techniques, especially when you hit the ball with your head; doing it wrong can injure the head or neck.

⚽ If you hurt or feel pain during the game, ask to get off the field and do not play again until the pain has subsided.

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To learn how to stay as safe as possible while playing soccer, apply these safety tips.

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