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Soccer and Competitiveness: Explore Your Children’s Abilities

A good soccer game is based on the level of competition. The goal is to make the team competent and skillful to face the opponent and win, or at least make the best effort and perform well enough on the field.

In the process of strategic planning and later during organization, the different stages in which competition takes shape must be evaluated.

The different phases of soccer competition

Compete with oneself

In a soccer team, the player competes first with himself. He/she has to develop the basic structures necessary to evolve and adapt their skill, cognitive abilities, and talents.

The player trains to improve in all the fields the game requires and demands from him/her.

Compete with teammates

The second stage is competition with colleagues to evolve the capacities the player possesses.

Play to compete

The training process should not only contemplate the general improvement of the player’s abilities, but it should also be directed towards the inevitable competition that must be faced to be chosen as part of the eleven that will form the team. Competing with oneself means defining individual starting points and measuring the evolution made towards the required skill levels.

The competitiveness of the training process and sessions will determine who are the most suitable candidates from moment to moment to occupy the corresponding positions.

The importance of the coach and training in competition

When it comes to competing, the figure of the coach is especially important. He/she must be able to monitor the overall performance of the group and individual training to be able to choose the right player to fill each position.

There will always be teammates with a higher degree of physical potential, faster, more resistant, adaptable, and better prepared to the unforeseen; colleagues who decide faster or those who are technically speaking, brighter. But the chosen player for each position should be the one that best performs the main functions required, which allows the group to be strong and at the same time, versatile enough to compete and guarantees the victory.

We compete against ourselves to be able to do it against our teammates, and then to be part of the team that will face adversaries. This will gives us individual and collective mechanisms that increase our probability of victory.

What do we compete for?

We need to be competitive because:

– Our skills evolve and allow us to improve the competence of our colleagues as well.

– It is part of human nature and the duty we take on when we decide to be part of a team.

Soccer is a very competitive sport, that is why as parents and coaches, we must know what that word entails and teach our children that they “compete” to win, shape and improve skills with solid efforts in a healthy way.


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