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Soccer Positions: How-to Guide to Be a Good Substitute

Win or lose the important thing is to play. When you win you feel like the protagonist, when you lose, at least you have had the chance to fight on the field even if you feel that your effort was not enough. All positions in soccer are important. However, when you are a substitute, you can feel helpless and nervous about not helping your team.

Evolution Soccer Academy brings you a little guide on how to be the best substitute, keep reading!

Guide to be a good substitute

Train for you

You are already thinking about the next match, and the only thing you can do is train to the maximum of your possibilities without worrying about anything. Let it be seen that you want to play. If you are not chosen to play, it is alright; you train to be ready on the day you are. Train not to betray yourself and out of respect for your teammates. You train for yourself.

The one who plays in your position is your teammate, not your rival.

It is hard to assume it, but for you to play someone must be replaced and vice versa, so treat your teammates as you would like to be treated.

Each workout is important

Regardless of how much you play, each workout is important; this is because you never know when the opportunity will come up; and I assure you, that being given a chance and not feeling 100% causes powerlessness and insecurity, in addition to the distrust of the technical body in the future. If you get used to making each session important, you will always be at your best level.

Smile when you need it

Do not let not playing erase the smile from your face; sometimes it is the only thing we have. Also, smiling has health benefits.

You are still a soccer player

Many players say that when they do not play, they do not feel like soccer players. Even when you are seriously injured, or you have already retired, you feel like soccer player; not being given the minutes you want on the field, should not make you walk away from the great profession of being a soccer player.

You can be the protagonist

You may wonder how a substitute player can be a protagonist while just sitting on the bench. Well, very easy: training enthusiastically. Running to the field as if it were the final of the World Cup; asking your teammates how they are, you will see that they will also be interested in you. Do not isolate yourself from the team, they make you stronger.

Although there will be bad times, where you may feel unhelpful, it is just another part of soccer and life. All players have bad moments. Do not forget that each position, each member of the team counts! So, do not be discouraged and become the best substitute ever.


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Being a substitute does not mean you cannot be a protagonist.

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