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Sports Health: Are You an Exemplary Coach?

Usually, the coach is a person that athletes will listen to, respect, a role model. But what happens when coaches do not have a healthy lifestyle? It can seem more than a little ironic that coaches and trainers push their players to be the best when they are not following the same path themselves.

Many professionals in this field were athletes before settling into this role, so they maintain the same habits they had in their youth, but for some of them, life changes radically and their health declines to a dangerous degree. They have to reassess to realize where are they failing and how to go back to their previous routines. These tips can be a good starting point; they show that it is not that difficult.

Keep a healthy diet

Having a balanced diet is one of doctors’ most common recommendations; what we eat can define our health and life. People involved in sports practices know that nutrition is a fundamental part of it, as it helps keep our skeletal and muscular systems functioning properly. But because extremes are dangerous, it is better to follow a diet that does not leave out specific food groups like trendy diets tend to do- It is best to check in with doctors and change your diet for a new one that is adapted to your needs, remember that every person is different.

Daily exercises

Athletes are always working out, and it is not just during training, but they exercise routinely at home. As a coach, you remind your athletes or team every day to exercise for a good performance on the field, so why not? Do it together, and you will both, bond with them and get fit.

Stay away from drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol

These are three vices that all people need to avoid, especially people in the sports field. For coaches and trainers, they can not only ruin their health but can also destroy their careers – and therefore their families and lives. There is nothing as terrible as a children and teen’s coach smoking, getting drunk or using other recreational drugs. Removing these vices from your life is fundamental to feel energized and healthy.

Keep an active mind

Exercising your body is important, but your mind needs to be active as well. Coaches and trainers can influence players in a way that maybe parents and teachers cannot; they can change a kid’s life with their advice on and off the field, as most athletes feel at ease listening to them and following their instructions. Read more and watch less TV, go to conferences and educational talks, participate in programs that help the community: become a person that you would follow anywhere!

Sleep more and avoid stress

This is easier said than done. Getting enough rest is fundamental for growth. With only a few hours of sleep, you feel tired when you wake up, and it is hard to concentrate and perform daily tasks. If you set out a specific time to go to bed, stick to it. Try to maintain a schedule that allows you to get seven or eight hours of sleep per day.

Avoiding stress can be more complicated than sleep though, because as a coach, you have tons of responsibilities, especially if you have a family. But try to fulfill your duties, fix what can be fixed, and do not overwhelm yourself worrying about things you cannot control; just enjoy the small, everyday victories and accomplishments.

Coaches and trainers need to be an example of the behavior they want to see in their trainees. They should also follow a healthy routine, as these habits will help them succeed in their professional lives while boosting their confidence and skills, in their careers and lives. Since coworkers, players, and parents see you as a role model, trying these tips can make a huge difference in how you are perceived. So change it up!

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