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The 10 Basic Functions of the Team Captain

Being a soccer captain on a team is more than being a representative of the team. The figure of the soccer captain is very important within a team so that the relations between the different parties involved in it are as satisfactory as possible.

Who is the team captain in soccer?

Usually, the soccer captain title is assigned to an authority figure within the group. It can be the oldest player, the most relevant one or simply a player who does not fulfill these roles but is a born leader on and off the field.

Qualities of a soccer captain

Needs to be a great communicator because it is the voice of the players in any situation or conflict. Must have:

✔ Personality.

✔ A commanding voice.

✔ A positive attitude

✔ Responsibility.

✔ Tactical abilities and talents on the field.

Functions of the team Captain

The functions of the soccer captain may vary according to the level or category of the group. Among other, the team captain can:

✔ Serve as an intermediary between players and the technical staff. He/she informs the technical staff about abnormal behaviors or attitudes by any team member during a game.

✔ Represent the team on and off the field.

✔ Be responsible for the team in the absence of the technical staff.

✔ Request a player’s replacement to the referee.

✔ Represents the interests of the group, promotes conversations, as well as concentration and teamwork.

✔ Manage the team’s attitudes towards failures and successes.

✔ Show leadership and use the ideas and techniques given by the coach. Also helps correct mistakes and support the good work of the other team members.

✔ Enforce the instructions and decisions of the referee. Meets the rules of the game and helps it to be carried out normally from start to finish.

✔ Be an example to the referee. Communicates formally with the referee, and keeps other players from interacting with him/her disreséctfully.

Ideally, the player chosen as the captain is someone who will fulfill all his/her functions and influence the group positively.

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