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The 3 Most Serious Consequences of Overtraining

There is nothing worse for an athlete than having an injury; it could end up putting his/her health at risk. Today, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the three most serious consequences of overtraining, and we do not just talk about fatigue, but about something else.

Consequences of overtraining

The importance of sleep

Rest is essential, not only to oxygenate the body and relax the mind but so that the muscles recover properly. After high-intensity training, the muscles need between ten and twelve hours of rest. In the case of a moderate intensity sport, eight hours of sleep will suffice.

  • Muscle breakdown due to stress

This type of injury causes pain in the affected muscle and is usually caused by excessive elongation. The best thing to treat it is to relax and have a consult with a physiotherapist as rehabilitation accelerates recovery. The more mental tension we accumulate, the more our bodies will feel it.

  • Hormonal changes

The lack of rest causes changes in hormones release, which is going to add up to the one produced by sports, such as the increase in dopamine levels. Without rest, there can be mood changes and a deficit in sports performance can occur.

  • Heart rhythm alteration

Training excessively, without the corresponding time for rest, can increase the heart rate unexpectedly and alter the blood pressure. The heart, the brain, and the nerves need to recover and receive oxygen. The body controls these functions to meet our needs, and if you do not take proper care of it after significant physical efforts, you can endanger your health.


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These are some of the consequences of getting enough rest after sports practice.

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