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The Best 20 Soccer Cleat

Soccer cleats should be of the best quality to perform the best on the field. However, for a player to choose one pair of cleats can be very hard thanks to the many options on the market. The top brands release new pairs every year, if not two per year, sometimes they also partner up with a famous player or team and release a limited edition model.

Usually, one would assume the most expensive ones are the best cleats out there, but in reality each player must find the right pair, one that fits perfectly and helps them to improve their game because constant advances are being made on the shoes’ tech by brands, going as far are developing cleats for each position on the field. So whereas you are a forward or a goalkeeper, you must find the right cleats.

Best 20 cleats!

1. Nike Hypervenom Phantom III

The cleats for professional forwards, these are the result of a collaboration between Nike and EA sports to promote the FIFA Games, but they work perfectly for fast plays and to have better control over the ball. Plus, they have ankle support to avoid injuries; the model displays the new tech from Nike “All Conditions Control” that will keep your feet dry even when playing in harsh conditions like torrential rain.

2. Nike Mercurial Superfly 6

These are considered the best cleats for male players, designed with speed and ball control in mind. Nike has been improving its designs to help players sprint faster while reducing the stress caused to the feet. They have ankle support to provide more protection.

3.  Adidas Predator Firm Ground Cleat

These were designed to provide comfort and perfect traction on the field; Adidas uses synthetic textiles to create cleats with the best grip.

4. Nike Mercurial Vapor Women’s Soccer Shoe

For all women that are excelling in soccer, Nike has created these cleats with an extra edge; they were engineered for excellent performance on soft and hard ground, as well as indoor courts and turf fields.

5. Nike Tiempo Legend VI Soccer Cleats

These are made of a mix between natural and synthetic leather, leveled as FG cleats (Firm Ground), they are at the same quality level as the Nike hypershield and ACC (All Conditions Control), but for a more affordable price.

6. Adidas Copa Mundial Men’s Soccer Shoes

Adidas made this specifically for defenders. Although the design is not as colorful and attractive as others, they are a good option as one the heaviest cleats on the market. They have twelve studs that increase the balance on every step and a higher grip on the ground.

7. Adidas Nemeziz 17.1

The best cleats for midfielders, these are designed for better ball control and agility. The textured surface is perfect for controlling the ball in quick and harsh moves, and the studs are positioned to allow sudden stops and movements.

8. Nike Hypervenom Phantom Men’s Soccer Shoes

Many consider these the best cleats ever. Nike designed these to mimic the natural curve of the feet, while the synthetic material gives the impression of being a second skin. These are lighter than others cleats and allow perfect movement on the field.

9. Adidas Men’s Predator Instinct Soccer Cleats

If you can find a pair of these cleats feel lucky because these are older than most cleats on this list and are considered one of the best designs on the market. Adidas combined synthetic and natural materials for these, and the bottom area is covered with silicon bubbles that increase control, swerve, and accuracy.

10. Puma evoPOWER Men’s Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Made of synthetic materials alone, they are lightweight and practical. They have a flexible Achilles tendon protection to enhance a player’s performance and comfort.

11. Puma Powercat Women’s Soccer Cleats

These have the incredible new PSD tech for powerful kicks. They also have a cushiony interior for better balance and they are lightweight to provide more stability.

12. Nike Premier Men’s Soccer Cleat

A simple design pair of cleats, they are made of “Premium Leather,” which gives them a comfortable fit. They are very light but have strong traction for every kind of field, thanks to its conical studs that provide a perfect grip.

13. Asics Men’s DS Light X-Fly Soccer Shoe

Another simple design with a powerful, modified studs pattern. The sole is flexible, and the many studs make contact with the ground. The upper part creates a perfect cushiony wall between the feet and the ball for spectacular plays.

14. Adidas Men’s Nitrocharge 1.0 Firm Ground

These have the forefoot EnergySling technology, which can lock the feet within the cleats for better control; this tech allows better responses and faster movements. They do not weight that much, and the studs are a mix between bladed and conical.

15. Adidas Women’s Goletto Soccer Cleats

These are the best selling cleats for women, they are durable and to allow the best performance on the field. However, these are the cleats for top soccer players because they are especially good for playing on grass. The design is simple but pretty.

16. Asics Women’s Gel-V Soccer Shoe

These are another excellent choice for women. They are different from the previous shoes on the list in that these are designed for every surface and not specifically for professionals. They are lightweight and have ankle support, which allows better movement.

17. Zephz Wide Traxx 2.0 Soccer Cleat

These were made specifically for wide feet. Instead of taking an old design and making it larger,  this brand created a new pair of cleats from scratch. They have custom color laces to match any team uniform, plus they are durable and affordable.

18. Nike Men’s Mercurial Veloce II Fg Soccer Cleat

Another pair of shoes that lock the feet inside them. Made of synthetic material, they do not stretch even after a lot of use. Being lightweight is one their best features and their solid grip allows strong acceleration.

19. Vizari Infinity Kids Soccer Cleat

These can be found for a reasonable price so you will not go over budget. They are very durable and comfortable.

20. Adidas ACE 17.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

Great for kids and rookies, as they are durable and ultralight. They are made of synthetic material and designed for fast movements on the field.

There are many cleats out there, but finding the correct one is a top priority for any soccer player. Do some research and compare brands and models to check every aspect and get the right ones for you.

Types of soccer cleats
The leading distributor brands in the world have opted for lighter materials cleats, resistant to all types of weather, as well as to different playing fields. They have also improved them to avoid injuries while designs get increasingly modern.

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