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The Genetics of the Team

The team’s genetics refers to the values that unite us, the negotiation of attitudes and skills that help us be a solid entity, capable of facing competition and other challenges; always aware that we are collectively responsible for each other.

In today’s article, we will talk a little about the importance of good relationships and preparation within a football team, keep reading!

Form a soccer team

To form a team is not only to define starting points but also to formulate fundamental principles and develop them to reach a proposed goal. Each team member gets involved with the objectives in their own way.

When we start the process of forming a team, we establish the fundamental bases of coexistence. When the coach and the technical staff receive the team and detail the first rules of coexistence, they are defining the first stage of the journey, setting habits that will allow progress to be made and oblige the players to:

⚽ Contribute not only their soccer ability or their competitive capacity but their adaptability to the environment in which they work.

⚽ Show and develop their basic education.

⚽ Show the personal habits with which they face their day to day as well as their personality, character, and quirks.

Playing soccer needs preparation

Playing soccer is the reason why the team will start to spend time together. Before we get to compete though, it is necessary to establish how we are going to work together and how to make our relationships flow smoothly.

Preparing for competition, involves all of us putting our potential as players and as human beings on the table for the rest to see. Also, consciously or unconsciously, we will put our:

⚽ Weaknesses.

⚽ Fears.

⚽ Real expectations.

⚽ Unreal expectations.

All this as well as our dreams in contrast with those of our colleagues, to define a common one that we must turn into a reality.

The coach as the main figure

The coach will define how he wants his team to behave. He should establish general rules of conduct that will secure a certain degree of commitment from each team member. The purpose of this is to guarantee harmonious coexistence.

Thus, each of the players, knowing what they can or can not do within the dynamics of the group, will adapt to it by balancing their habitual behavior to the reality of coexistence.

“Performance factors go through more important things than schemes. They happen, mainly, by the individual capacity of the sportsmen and by the affinity that there is between them. “

Óscar Washington Tabárez, Uruguayan coach.

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