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The Hobbies and Secret Talents of Famous Soccer Players

The most famous soccer players’ season is quite active and very demanding, which is why they try to make the most of their free time and engage in other types of activities, completely unrelated to their profession. The stars of the ball manage to distract themselves and spend time doing what they like off the field.

Famous soccer players and hobbies

Neymar Jr: The Brazilian star has shown that he greatly enjoys poker. On several occasions, he has shared his ability for cards and strategies on social media.

Lionel Messi: The Argentine player has great fondness and skills for video games. As seen on social media, soccer games are his favorite.

Edison Cavani: The Uruguayan striker likes activities in the open field and the contact with nature. In his free time, he likes fishing, an activity he has been very fond of since he was a child.

Cristiano Ronaldo: The Portuguese player’ hobbies can be surprising since he is a man who likes quiet plans and to get away from crowds. On several occasions, he has been seen in the company of his family sailing or enjoying paradisiacal beaches.

Mario Balotelli: The controversial Italian striker has always been seen partying or enjoying other types of social gatherings, but he also has a taste for ping-pong, a sport that steals his attention in his free time.

James Rodríguez: The Colombian figure has loved video games since he was a child. He has also confessed he likes watching television shows.

As you can see, these great soccer stars are not only always running behind a ball; they also have hobbies off the field.

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