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The Importance of Concentration Prior to a Soccer Match

It is typical to see the team focused on achieving a common goal right before the game, but does concentration influence the match? How can we get it or work it?

You should know that concentration is an extremely influential factor in the development of a soccer match; it can be the cause of a good or a bad play. In today’s article, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the importance of pre-match concentration.

Soccer game and concentration

Going out to a soccer match focused gives you an important edge to face your opponents. It gives you the confidence to perform as you did while training during the week. In order to achieve concentration before the match, the following aspects are fundamental:

✔ Set clear objectives for the match.
✔ Breath and stay calm during the coach’s talk.
✔ The locker room should be a peaceful place. You can play stimulating or relaxing background music before the game.
✔ Visualize what could happen in the match. Think positive thoughts.
✔ Act as elite players would.
✔ Control your mind.
✔ Be prepared in case there is a setback. If you get a goal against at the beginning of the game, it is normal to feel the mood go low, which is why it is vital for players to imagine the possibilities, so they can come up with solutions when it happens.
✔ Remember positive or motivating phrases. Posters or cards with motivating phrases are a good idea to have around.
Proper nutrition, sleep, and constant hydration must not be forgotten.

Also, remember that your attitude and level of commitment as a coach will set the example for the players and the rest of the staff; this can decide how much you achieve on the field.


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