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The Importance of Parental Support in Children’s Sports

The weekly agenda of children is usually very tight, and in some cases, more than that of the adults themselves: school, homework, etc. But we must reserve a space for physical activity. Practicing any sport provides an alternative and complementary learning to the one they receive at school, as it teaches: companionship, integrity, effort, persistence, discipline, and provides physical and mental health.

Your mission should be to initiate and encourage them to enter the educational world of sports. In this article, we will tell you about the importance of parental support when a child practices a sport.

Parents’ Support

Children are small creatures still developing their personalities. You must always value their personhood and not just their abilities. Supporting them emotionally when things do not go as expected, reinforces positive attitudes and behaviors.

Do not forget that above all, as parents, you are your children’s first and most important role models. Make them proud of you.

Accept the role of the coach: he is a professional in his field and meddling can be counterproductive to his or her work with the children.

Speak nicely and try not to be a negative, critical person: reproaching and having bad gestures towards colleagues, screaming during matches, using unfortunate words, getting angry and violent due to a bad play or result, etc. Is this the image you want them to emulate?

Share their interest: show them that you care about their competitions with a “little party.” It should be a fun, social, and enriching time to spend together.

At Evolution Soccer Academy, we offer practices with trainers who have over 30 years of combined experience in professional soccer. They are qualified to teach your children great alternatives to train their agility while learning valuable skills for a potential career in soccer. Contact us to learn more about our elite training program.

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Do not forget that above all, as parents, you are your children’s first role models. Make them proud of you.

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