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Top 10 Habits to Strengthen Children’s Health

Habits are those actions that, based on repetition become our way of doing things. Establishing healthy routines for our children is an investment that can last a lifetime. Eating well, playing sports, drinking lots of water or watching less television are some of the habits that children must learn from a young age to lead a healthy life. Do not wait for your children to have health problems or become overweight to change their habits.

Today we give you ten habits for your children’s health

Prevention is undoubtedly the best bet for the future. Play and sports are, along with a well-balanced diet, the pillars of a healthy life.

  1. A varied and well-balanced diet: A varied menu will ensure that the child gets the nutrients he needs. It is important to encourage him to try new foods. The tastes of kids change over time and little by little they will learn to tolerate vegetables, fish or ingredients they did not like at first.

The food pyramid offers advice on adequate quantity and proportions. You have to bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • More fruit and vegetables.
  • Fewer proteins. Reduce the consumption of meat to two or three times per week (fish included).
  • More cereals. They should be consumed daily in the form of rice, pasta or bread.
  • Less fast food. Limit fast food to a bare minimum.
  1. Set fixed times for each meal: Children have to train their bodies for proper meal times and limit the snacking between hours.
  1. Make the most original and appetizing meals: Monotony on the table produces dissatisfaction and induces snacking.
  1. Drink plenty of water: 70% of our body is water, essential to eliminate toxins and hydrate all organs.
  1. Good eating habits: They guarantee that the child intakes what he needs and learns to eat guided by hunger and not due to the need to “snack” or because of anxiety.
  1. Less television: The time spent watching television could be spent on other necessary and much healthier activities.
  1. Find other types of activities to enjoy free time.
  1. More physical activity: Games and sports are indispensable allies for the proper functioning of the organism. One hour of moderate physical activity per day can enhance school performance and a good mood.
  1. Be more active on a day-to-day basis: If parents do it, it is easier for children to follow their lead. Any excuse to go out is good, such as:

– Walk the dog together.

– If there is a park or mall nearby, walk there and spend the afternoon doing something different. A simple walk improves cardiovascular fitness in both children and adults.

  1. Organize and enjoy outdoor activities for the whole family: This way they will associate physical activity with satisfaction; it helps to have warm memories of it.

Children learn from what they see, not just what they are told. Walking can be fun if the whole family participates. In the same way, if we share meals, they will learn what foods are right for them; and if we eat healthily, they will learn to do the same because they will know that it is good for them.

Did you know that small things can make a huge impact on your child’s life?

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