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Value of Sleep for Perfect Sports Performance

Sleep has a fundamental role in athletes’ recovery. During sleep, the processes of recovery of the nervous system start, as well as an increase in growth hormone levels. Metabolic and muscle development processes are especially important for children while they are growing.

Among athletes, sleep deprivation fundamentally affects the execution of technical aspects and decision making while playing sports, which is why in today’s article, we give you all the information about the importance of a good night sleep.

Value of sleep in sports

Physical training causes fatigue, which occurs at different levels:

  • Metabolic.
  • Hormonal.
  • Muscular.
  • Nervous and energetic.

Depending on the intensity of the training routine, fatigue can be felt deeper at some levels than others.

The improvement of performance occurs during rest periods, so if the player does not get enough rest during the night, he/she will not recover from previous training and will begin the next one fatigued, which increases the risk of injury significantly.

Whether it is for a league match or a training session, athletes must arrive in the best possible condition, so it is necessary to sleep well before and after the game for him/her to recover as much as they can from the effort.

Failure to maintain proper sleep habits can:

Alter the circadian rhythms of the athlete which will affect their performance because the body does not know when it it is time to rest and recover or when it has to perform.

If you do not sleep well and get up late, the body instead of recovering becomes more fatigued, which will cause the next day to start with excessive fatigue.

Sleeping poorly prevents athletes from improving their physical performance and begin to lose conditions.


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Among athletes, sleep deprivation affects mainly the execution of technical aspects and decision making while playing sports.

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