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What Do You Know about “Invisible Training”?

For some years, the term ‘invisible training’ began to be heard more often in professional soccer. The concept, unlike conventional training, refers to the plans carried out by the technical bodies according to the competence of the players, and it covers different aspects of their lives.

What invisible training is

Hours of rest, diet, social activities, cognitive skills, emotional life. All these important factors influence sports performance and quality of life, so their balance is essential to their profession. Invisible training encompasses many factors, but undoubtedly, there are some that have more weight than others when it comes to improving athletic performance. Let’s see what they are:

🍴 Nutrition:

The food that the athletes ingest directly affects their ability to recover after training. Avoid any food that does not provide many nutrients but a high number of calories such as fried foods, soft drinks or pastries. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

⚽ Rest:

Sleep is not beneficial, it is vital. If you want to progress, do not skip your bedtime. During sleep, hormones are secreted, including growth ones that help the muscles regenerate after a day of training.

⚽ Stretching:

Stretching relieves muscular tensions, which if not solved in time, can lead to discomfort or injury. However, the benefits of stretching go further: it improves flexibility, maintains joint mobility, and helps the blood supply reach all tissues and provide them with nutrients; you also recover faster. For all this, it is essential to stretch before and after each training session.

⚽ Sports massage:

Although you can go to a physiotherapist to rehabilitate from discomfort or injury, you have to see sports massage as a method of prevention. Within invisible training, it would serve to reduce muscle tension, especially in the most sensitive areas that tend to cause problems.

⚽ Cryotherapy:

Cold therapy is a very old practice that helps mitigate muscle pain and accelerates the recovery of certain areas of the body. It is also a powerful analgesic and a very cheap anti-inflammatory since you do not need to go anywhere, you can do cryotherapy at home: apply cold water or use ice packs on the muscles that you have worked after a training session

⚽ Motivation:

The psychological part has a lot of weight when it comes to following a training program over time. The way you approach each workout can determine your performance or even increase your stress levels during highly demanding periods.

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