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What Do You Know About the Soccer Positions?

Soccer is the sport that has the most followers in all countries around the world. Its fans talk about the game from the previous day, a new signing or what position a certain player has on the field.

Soccer is a team sport; eleven players play for each team, the one that gets the most goals wins. To do this, each player occupies a place on the field depending on the functions they need to perform. In today’s article, we will review these positions.

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Soccer positions

The goalkeeper

This is the player whose fundamental objective is to prevent the ball from entering his goal during the game. The goalkeeper is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands, although only within his own zone.

The defense player

The defender or defense is the first one in line in front of the goalkeeper and behind the flyers. His primary objective is to block the attacks from the opponents.

Steering wheel

The midfielder, also called central midfielder is the player located in the center area of ​​the playing field, one line behind the forwards and one ahead of the defenders. His main objective is to coordinate the plays between lines and fill in the gaps in case it is required. The players in the middle line are given a name depending on the place where they play: left, right or center.

Front player

This player is also called pointer, attacker, gunner, point or killer of the area. The forward is ahead of the other players on his team and one line ahead of the midfielders. The main objective of the front player is to score the goals.

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