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What Is the Best Behavior On the Field?

There are general rules given to all teams’ members, such as going out to the field and greeting the opponent politely before and after the game, meeting with teammates to cheer each other up, bringing first aid kits to attend players who got injured, talk to parents after the game, etc. It all seems very simple, but it is not so much if you dig a little deeper into what actually happens before, during, and after a game.

Behavior on the field

Normally, when the game ends, if you have lost, it is hard for you to shake hands with other players.

Soccer helps children internalize appropriate values ​​thanks to the example they receive from the people that are important to them, as well as the obligation of putting them into practice again and again. One of the advantages of training this way ​​is that it improves children’s sports performance; it teaches them how to face frustrations, makes them understand that they can lose a game and it is fine, encourages them to have a good time and make an effort. -they will be more focused on the field and get the best out of themselves.

You cannot control who wins or loses, but you can help them understand the importance of taking responsibility.

We must accept that life can bring many disappointments, big and small, and that is also true for a soccer game.

Effort. You cannot control the results, but you can control the effort you put into each game. By focusing on this, you will give your best and not focus solely on defeat or victory.

Honesty. This will help others trust you.

Fun. Enjoyment comes first. When your child gets home after a game, do not ask if he/she won, it is better to ask: did you have a good time?

Know how to win. You can not disrespect the opponent by boasting that you won. You won this game, but that does not guarantee that you will win the next one; being humble is a great way to embrace victory.

Your team does not win just because they are lucky, but because everyone works hard during every match.

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Knowing how to behave on the field is a skill that players learn early on in their training.

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