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Why Exercise Is So Important

Without even noticing, you exercise every day. When you run outdoors, play ball, all that is physical exercise. But what other activities are considered exercise? Sports, dance, and even walking.

When you do physical exercise, you strengthen your body. Say active every day; your body will thank you!

How exercise helps you have a healthy life

Make your heart happy

The heart is a muscle that works hard pumping blood to your whole body every day. Aerobic exercises make it stronger.

When you do aerobic exercises, you breathe faster, inhale more air, and your heart beats stronger; this makes the heart exercise. It will make it better at taking oxygen from the air you breathe and sending it to all parts of the body.

What kind of physical exercise is good for me?

Any sport is good, as long as you keep your body active. Some sports that we recommend are:

– Soccer. (Enter here and find our soccer programs)

– Swimming.

– Basketball.

– Hockey.

– Run or walk.

– Skating.

– Riding a bicycle.

– Jump on the rope.

How can I strengthen my muscles?

– Push-ups.

– Running.

– Skipping.

– Riding a bicycle.

Physical exercise will make you feel good

It is nice to have a strong and flexible body that allows you to do all the things you enjoy, like running, jumping, and playing with your friends.

Another reason is that physical exercise can also improve your mood. When you exercise, the brain releases chemicals that make you feel happier!


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The heart is a muscle; it works hard to pump blood every day. Help your heart be stronger by exercising.

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