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Why Soccer Is Much More than a Sport

Soccer today is considered much more than a simple sport. Professional soccer has reached great dimensions and has a beneficial impact that goes beyond the sporting and economic results of its clubs.

Soccer contributes to the development of personal values ​​and skills for children, and adolescents Sports are a constant source of learning; discipline, perseverance, generosity, ambition, empathy, and commitment are among the virtues that become part of the athletes’ DNA through each training session, each ran meter, each ball recovered, and each hug after a victory. Sports are educational games.

Why Soccer is more than a sport

A sport is not only a pastime but also a source of health and wellbeing; it greatly contributes to the formation of healthy habits and the improvement of the quality of life of those who practice it. Sports can also be the perfect tool to promote a more inclusive society.

Soccer is also a passion because the feelings it inspires are so great that they are noticeable even in soccer-heavy environments, no other sport has so much support from its followers and generates so many different emotions in its fans.

No other sport reaches so many people and brings them together in the same stadium, making them leave aside their myriad differences: race, social status, and religion; soccer is a celebration, and it is a passion.

Soccer is defined as a game, but it goes far beyond that label; it is an engine capable of generating more hope than a political party, of moving more people than a music concert, and of inspiring faith in people who no longer know what to believe.


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Soccer is a great sport that positively impacts many areas of life, and this is the time to learn all about it!

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