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Basic Soccer Exercises for Children

When children are learning how to play professional soccer, they need basic exercises to develop their abilities on the field; kids can practice these during training or at home. The point is for them to get all the practice they can if soccer really is their passion. Drills are always good in this aspect, that […]

How to Help Children Be More Fit

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about childhood fitness, which is why parents, doctors, teachers, and others, want to know how they can help children to be more fit. Being fit means eating well, doing a lot of physical activity, and having a healthy weight. If the child is in good shape, his/her body […]

A Functional Training Circuit to Try at Home

Did you miss a day of training at the gym, your academy or can you not leave the house?  In today’s article, we will share a training routine with you that can be done from home without the need for any extra material or tools. We simply perform the five exercises below, one after the […]

Top 10 Habits to Strengthen Children’s Health

Habits are those actions that, based on repetition become our way of doing things. Establishing healthy routines for our children is an investment that can last a lifetime. Eating well, playing sports, drinking lots of water or watching less television are some of the habits that children must learn from a young age to lead […]

How to Use Self-Motivation to Compete Better on the Field

Motivation is essential in all areas of life, especially for a sport that is practiced as a team but even more so is self-motivation. Not only do players have to train for the physical aspect of said sport, but they also need to work on their mental states, as this can mean the difference between […]

Growing on the Field: How a Child Evolves While Playing Soccer

Evolution Soccer Academy has experienced soccer coaches specialized in working with boys and girls. We have a unique way of carrying out our educational process, built on a series of techniques and fundamentals. Today we will give you some practical tips so that your child does not miss this great fun, grows healthy, and gets […]

How Soccer Can Help Children Achieve Their Goals

The practice of moderate physical exercise like soccer, contributes to the maintenance of good health and helps children feel well and active; it facilitates the proper functioning of the different organs and systems of their body. With regular practice, a stronger body and a good state of mind will be some of the benefits they […]