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Muscles Used to Play Soccer

A soccer player needs to be fit in order to give his or her best performance on the field. While training and playing, many of the athlete’s muscles are involved, each one of them fulfills a simple function that combined turn a regular player into a great one if he or she exercises correctly. Arm […]

Cramps: What Are They and How to Prevent Them

Soccer is a  low-risk sport. However, legs suffer the brunt of the impact during practice and games. One of soccer player’s most common ailments is cramps, especially in the calves, as these are instrumental for running and doing other specific movements required by the sport. Cramps make the muscles contract with spams, producing intense pain […]

The 3 Most Serious Consequences of Overtraining

There is nothing worse for an athlete than having an injury; it could end up putting his/her health at risk. Today, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the three most serious consequences of overtraining, and we do not just talk about fatigue, but about something else. Consequences of overtraining The importance of sleep Rest is essential, […]

Value of Sleep for Perfect Sports Performance

Sleep has a fundamental role in athletes’ recovery. During sleep, the processes of recovery of the nervous system start, as well as an increase in growth hormone levels. Metabolic and muscle development processes are especially important for children while they are growing. Among athletes, sleep deprivation fundamentally affects the execution of technical aspects and decision […]

How Should the Diet of a Good Athlete Be?

A good diet plays a key role for all athletes, it: delays fatigue, improves recovery, prevents disease and injury, as well as bone wear and muscle wasting. Taking care of your body, feeding properly, and developing your skills, will help you become an elite sport player. Evolution Soccer Academy has a list of essential foods […]

What Do You Know About the Soccer Positions?

Soccer is the sport that has the most followers in all countries around the world. Its fans talk about the game from the previous day, a new signing or what position a certain player has on the field. Soccer is a team sport; eleven players play for each team, the one that gets the most […]

Safety Tips: Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and it is also easy to learn since you are little. It is also a good way to do physical exercise, plus, it is an exciting and very fun game. Soccer is a contact sport though, which makes injuries happen. Clashes with other players can cause […]

Get Ready for the Sports Season

If you have ever practiced a competitive sport, you will know that starting a new sports season means hard work. It is normal to be nervous at the beginning, especially if it is your first sports season, which is why Evolution Soccer Academy brings you some tips to help you be prepared for the first […]

5 Reasons Why Girls Should Practice Sports

Why play sports? One could say “to exercise,” and it would be a good answer. And to have fun? Yes, it is also true. But there are more reasons. Every day there are more girls practicing sports, and they not only bring benefits for their health but also for other areas that in today’s article, […]

How to Help Children Be More Fit

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about childhood fitness, which is why parents, doctors, teachers, and others, want to know how they can help children to be more fit. Being fit means eating well, doing a lot of physical activity, and having a healthy weight. If the child is in good shape, his/her body […]