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Sports Health: Are You an Exemplary Coach?

usually, the coach is a person that athletes will listen to, respect, a role model. But what happens when coaches do not have a healthy lifestyle? It can seem more than a little ironic that coaches and trainers push their players to be the best when they are not following the same path themselves

Soccer: The Sport that Changes the Lives of Children

“Soccer, all over the world, boys and girls play and love that sport. It is played by boys and girls alike in the crowded urban streets and small villages. It is played in fields, in refugee camps and even in situations of war and armed conflict. Wherever there are boys and girls, it is very […]

Staying Hydrated Is More Important than You Think

Hydration is vital because our bodies need water to function correctly and even more so when we practice some sport. Usually, we replace the fluids we lose when we get home after a long day and drink a tall glass of fresh water. If you do not do this, you will start to feel bad. […]