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How to Clean Your Soccer Boots

Soccer boots look completely impeccable when they are brought home from the store, but it does not take much time to cover them with dirt, mud, and grass. Cleaning soccer boots seems an intimidating task; however, with a mild cleaning solution and a little effort, dirt and scratches can disappear in no time. But how […]

Compete to Grow: Learning from Competition

The experiences and emotions that children feel when they play a soccer tournament are many. We know that within them there are fears, insecurities, nerves, but they also have courage, desire to excel and autonomy. And it is at that precise moment when they are alone in front of a soccer ball on the field […]

5 Tips to Make Each Training Session a Breeze for Parents

Sports, specifically soccer training, is an ideal option for children to stay in shape, improve their motor and physical skills, and make friends. But is not all fun on the field; the pressure to succeed can be excessive and can cause a lot of frustration. In some cases, the pressure is self-imposed by the child. […]